Who’s Thirsty?

What Are You Drinking?

Southgate Liquors is a small store with a large selection of beer, wine, and liquor. Our team knows our products and is happy to answer any questions you may have. Seeking a particular brand? Contact us, and if we don’t have it, we’ll order it for you!

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The Coldest Beer in Town

We have the beers you love, and we’re keeping them cold for you. Our beers are kept in a computer-controlled refrigerated case. They are kept at 34℉, the optimal temperature for a delicious, refreshing brew.

Southgate Liquors, beer selection, Agawam, MA

Stir Up a Cocktail

Whether it’s a holiday, a special event, or you just love a good cocktail, we have everything you need to make that delicious drink. Not sure what you want to serve? Here are some suggestions and tips for memorable cocktails.

More cocktails, punches, and beer-based cocktails can be found on Drinks Mixer.

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This version leaves out the sour mix and uses green apple twist vodka for easy, sweet and sour deliciousness.

Apple Martini, liquor stores, Agawam MA

Please don’t muddle the orange and cherry unless you want a drink that looks muddy. Use the fruit for garnish!

Old Fashioned Cocktail, liquor stores, Agawam MA, cocktail recipes

Enjoy this sweet, fruity champagne cocktail as an alternative to a mimosa!

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